Parapet mouldings can be used in a range of areas around the home, under eave features, or to cover up joints on walls or between levels.Parapet mouldings throughout your home can provide a decorative touch at the corners and edges of flat plane walls and roofs.Our parapets are durable, but also stylish, providing you with a great feature to add to your home. Please click on images to enlarge.

If you are interested in our Parapets, please contact us for pricing and more information.

Exterior Mouldings And Solutions

If you’re looking for a masterful exterior mouldings company in Melbourne, there’s one company to call: Master Moulding. These days there is no necessity for cumbersome concrete exterior mouldings in Melbourne homes. These often cracked in the past and were expensive to replace. With new tech, lightweight exterior mouldings, representing the best of architectural designs, can be easily installed, providing your home with an aesthetic lift.

For masterful new exterior mouldings, call on Master Moulding!