Cornices have been used as decorative mouldings in homes and buildings for centuries, over time their styles have changed but they remain as a final detail in any room. Our cornices come in a wide range, from an elegant traditional look to a modern minimalist look. We’re sure we have the right style of cornice to fit the aesthetic of your home. The standard length of all cornices is 200cm.

Advantages of our polystyrene mouldings include. Cornices are paintable will be prepared as ready to be painted. Cornices will also not crack over time, remaining strong where older technology would crack. Cornices also add a much-needed layer of insulation to your home. This is important in a time of high energy bills across the east of the country. They are also cost effective compared to plaster alternatives.


Lightweight Moulding Solutions For Melbourne

The beauty of modern day decorative architectural mouldings is that, unlike older kinds of concrete moulding technologies, our lightweight moulding for Melbourne is easy to install, affordable, and highly durable. Made of a polystyrene core, these lightweight mouldings are flexible after insulation, meaning they won’t crack with the natural movement of your home. This compares favourably with older concrete mouldings that would often crack with movement.

These lightweight mouldings come with a variety of finishes, to give you a choice in the style you want to complement your home design. Master Moulding are the friend of economy blended with style. Call for prices today.